This project contains three python scripts that result in a timeline of rooster images at the Brooklyn Museum, in honor of my friend’s mom who collects rooster art. I used the Brooklyn Museum’s API to download JSON files that contained data for all holdings that matched with the keyword “rooster.” I then parsed that data in another script, creating a clean JSON file that only contained the information that I needed. There were a couple of hiccups that had to be accounted for; even though I specified that I only wanted to retrieve objects with images, I still ended up getting some without. I also had one remaining file with no dates, and had to create a workaround for that specific object. The last script used the Google Sheets API to write that clean data to a Google Sheet template provided by KnightLab, corresponding to their program TimelineJS. I had an issue with my image links not being considered valid, and ultimately had to re-parse my initial data, adding “https://” to the front of the links. The final result is an interactive timeline created by publishing my Google Sheet and inserting it into the TimelineJS program.