This project does a sentiment analysis of covid vaccination data using twitter's api. The project is written in Python and uses a couple of python packages like Tweepy, NLTK, SciKit Learn, WordCloud, etc to query the Twitter API and do a sentiment analyis on the tweets. Some of the keywords that have been used are: Covid Vaccine, Covid Booster. Following are the steps that are done to conduct a sentiment analyis: - Choosing the keywords for live search: (Covid booster). - Running the live search using Twitter API by leveraging tweepy. - Using Sentiment Analyzer to see if the tweets are positive, negative or neutral - Creating visualizations to categorize the tweets as positive, negative or neutral. - Creating a word cloud for different categories of the tweets. - Cleaning up the tweets to remove punctuation, stopwords and stemming. - Showing the most user words in the search. - Creating bigrams & trigrams.