This project is a "workflow" in Python, used to pull moving images, videos, and clips from the Library of Congress (LOC) API. The results will match the documentary theme, by using research topics and keywords to scrape the available data in LOC for films and videos.

Library of Congress API Resources:

Base URL Used for the API Pull:

In this case, the documentary topics will include the keyword searches of "feminist" and "feminism". The API results are then printed into a CSV on the user desktop, and in the PFCH2022 Github Repository, is called feminism_results.csv.

To make the retrieved data human-friendly to read, a python script to create an HTML that tables the result “title” and “access URL” was created. This is listed in the PFCH2022 Repository as The resulting HTML is also included in the repository as feminism_test.html. After reviewing relevant footage the documentary team can choose the relevant footage for their project. They can use the originally retrieved CSV data to footnote and credit the film and videos they used in the final production of their documentary.

Further Use: CSV data can often be integrated into Collection Management Systems and may be helpful to keep available as other resources in repositories.