In the Fall of 2017, Ernie Garcia, a reporter for Lower Hudson Valley's Journal News, e-introduced me to Masha Turchinsky, the Director of the Hudson River Museum. I was looking for an internship in archives and databases and the museum just so happened to be looking for someone to bring elements of their Google Cultural Site to life, along with some tasks pertaining to their TMS (The Museum System) data management hub. Not knowing much about the museum, or Glenview, the impressive 1877 mansion that holds six Victorian-era period rooms including the office where I worked, I made a point to find out as much about the collection as possible. With the help of the Alyssa Drelisak, the registrar, I began pulling details about every object from TMS and began laying out the details over several worksheets in Excel. After finessing the data with several Python coding scripts, I was finally able to upload the Hudson River Museum data to the visualization tool, Tableau.

Hudson River Museum