For this final project, I conducted a sentiment analysis on the top 40 songs from five of my favorite artists - Drake, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, and Rihanna. A sentiment analysis is the process of determining wether writing is positive, negative, or neutral. I thought that it would be particularly interesting to see how my favorite artists and songs perform on a sentiment analysis. Initially, I attempted to scrape the artist, title, and lyrics from however, I ran into an issue with web scraping from their site. Ultimately, I used a python package titled “lyricsgenius” which calls on their API. Additionally, I conducted the sentiment analysis using another python package titled “VaderSentiment”. The Vader sentiment analyzer returned a positive, negative, and neutral score for each song lyric. It also returned a composite score while determine the overall negativity or positivity of a song. The Compound score is a metric that calculates the sum of all the lexicon ratings which have been normalized between -1 (most extreme negative) and +1 (most extreme positive). After gathering all the lyrics and conducting the sentiment analysis, I dumped my data into a json file which was then converted into a csv file using After, I uploaded the csv file to Tableau Public and created an interactive dashboard that show the composite, positive, negative, and neutral scores for each artist.