GOALS: To understand the popularity, price stability and premium value of the Adidas Yeezy and Nike Jordan
Team Size: 1
Time Frame: 2 weeks
Tools: Python, Selenium, MongoDB, Flask, Plotly, (Heroku)
My Role: Data Engineering, Data Visualization

If the answer is YES; you're interested in reselling or buying; Here's the interesting findings in StockX where has been a popular e-commerce platform to buy and sell hype products like shoes. I picked one of top sneakers' brand "Nike Jordan" and "Adidas Yeezy" for comparing their popularity and premium values using Selenium, MongoDB, and Flask to collect and store the data and Plotly to display the visualization.

A Small Real-World Project for Learning Data Engineering Skills

Whenever I lost raffle tickets from Adidas or Yeezy Supply sites, I always go to StockX.com to check the size of mine and the price. Another interesting thoughts came after when I read this article, and the project has been started. They didn't capture nor explain my interests about when will be the best time, or which size is the more popular. The author compared the price of Nike Jordan and Adidas Yeezy that Nike Air Jordan sneaker got the highest price premium of 794.7%, which is higher than the highest price premium for an Adidas Yeezy (701%).  🔎I was so curious to see overall trend between Jordan and Yeezy, and which is more popular of profitable when people try to buy or sell them on the resale platform, stockX.com.


Yeezy is more popular to smaller size up to 7.5 and Jordan is more popular to other sizes(7.5 to 15).
Jordan has higher value on overall sizes than Yeezy and the most popluar size is 10 and the most propitable size is 7.5 with keeping sales on track on Both Jordan and Yeezy.
Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3.0 sold the most 341 times per a month with 84% of profits and Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott racked up profis of 308% on size 7.5.


- Best size to buy: 7.5
- Best item to buy: Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3.0
- Best time to buy: Thursday PM
- Best time to Sell: Wednesday PM